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Give me the secret to self control

Give me the secret to self control

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Weight loss weight loss weight loss.

That plan didn’t work I’ve gotten big again. I need to lose weight. This plan looks good. That person is thin. I want to look like them. Click pay. I need to lose lots, then lose more. I want to lose 5 stone by Summer. I need to look good. I want to look better. I want someone else to take responsibility. I don’t care what it takes. Even if I hurt myself. Lose it all all cost. I’ve put weight back on. For gods sake. I need to lose it again. Pay someone for a solution again. This weight loss tea looks good. That person is thin. I want to look like them. Must be good. Click pay. 

Does this sound like you?

From slimming plans to the more dangerous crash weight loss options out there, it now seems like most people have forgotten how to eat a balanced diet and what’s more they’re prepared to hurt themselves in order to achieve unsustainable weight loss. 

And do you want to know the worst thing about all the weight loss options that are now out there?

They corrode your spirit and your inherent ability to think and do things for yourself. When you pay for a plan and buy into the terrible ethos behind it, you sacrifice your free thinking and become very vulnerable to bad advice, no matter how well meaning it may seem at the time. 

So you lose your self control.

I for one am BORED with all this rubbish, so read on and figure out how to eat properly and take back control of your life...forever!

So let’s simplify things and take them back to the blog title - 

The secret to self control.

To live at a happy healthy weight and keep at your ideal weight you NEED to gain back your self control. Then confidence comes back and you give yourself permission to take responsibility for your actions. Most things in adult life start with taking responsibility and facing up to decisions on your own and sorry to say weight loss is no different. This shouldn’t be news to you really. 

There are a few ways you can gain self control, but one of the best ways and it’s the way I’ve been using for a long time now is to use.....

Are you ready....


You know that discipline where you go to a quiet space, empty your mind and focus just on your breathing? That’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s extremely powerful and a GREAT place to start to gain your free thinking again.

Meditation will relax you, calm your mind, and ultimately help you put things in their place again. It aids in your everyday life and will put a fresh positive scope on your thinking. You don’t need me to tell you the effect this will have on your ability to gain self control of your diet and ultimately your weight again.

The good news is that you DONT need to do hours of it to see a difference, I do around 10 minutes a day. And don’t be hard on yourself if for the first few weeks it feels hard to empty your mind. It sounds wrong but it will take a while to learn to think of nothing. But stick with it.

The real benefit of meditation is it will give you the ability to think ‘in the moment’ rather than thinking in the past or looking to the future. When you can think in the moment more you’ll shed a lot of your worries and apprehensions about what has happened or what’s going to happen. Just think about that logically - because really, can you change what has happened? And can you change the inevitable future? The answers no.

When you live in the moment you’ll get a much better grip of things and basically give yourself confidence to start to look after yourself again. 

Anyone can meditate, give it a try every day for a few weeks and see the benefits for yourself.


You need total silence so pick a quiet time of day.

Close your eyes, focus on your rhythmic breathing in and out. 

Clear your mind. Focus on the moment.

You don’t need to get into any painful cross - legged sitting positions, at first just sit comfortably. 

Repetition is key - meditate at the same time every day.

You should look forwards to it.

At first just do 5 minutes then do longer when your ready.

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