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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Are you ready for a bombshell?


All set? Here it is....


It’s with great sadness, but also with a sense of great excitement for the future - that I am closing my business.


You may of noticed that things have gone kind of quiet on my page - I’ve been kind of busy elsewhere!

I’ll give you the full low down.


Way back at the start of the year I had the chance to do some teaching assistance work at a local special needs school. It was profound. Helping students with their daily lessons and tasks was such an eye opening experience that, I’m not ashamed to say, made me sit in my car at the end of my first day - and cry. The bravery and perseverance in the face of so much adversity was just inspiring to see.

I sat in my car and cried, and it was in that moment that I had an epiphany.

At that second, it felt like being a PT wasn’t where I was meant to be. 

In my heart I knew It was time for a change. In my head I knew it had to happen. 


I guess it it felt like my calling.


Just as I knew it was time to leave the marines when I did, I knew it was now time to finish PT and look for work in a special needs setting, teaching PE.


However it looked like no one was advertising for PE teachers at that time and I was faced with staying put. So my clients had to put up with me for a little while longer yet. Laughing imoge.


 Luckily however, on a scroll through a site one day, I found the perfect job.


 It was at a local special needs college and the advertisement was for a full-time PE Tutor. WOW. Click the button and sign me up!


Long story short - they offered me the job.


For the last 3 weeks that’s where I’ve been. I love it!


So this is the end for Mark One Fitness.


My vision 7 years ago was to create a purely outdoor PT business. No buildings, no electric, just me, my clients and great instruction. On a little park in leafy Somerset I’ve seen ups, downs and everything in between. Every emotion, every vision and every bold word. People from all walks of life and I think it’s safe to say, I became as much a friend to many of them as well as someone who told them to do press ups!


It’s been an absolute pleasure providing an outlet for you all, and I hope you clients all continue with your plans and use this as your springboard to self motivated, solo and obviously FREE training! Just how it should be, I think I’ve succeeded in helping many of you find this path. 


So this is goodbye, but before I go I’d like to borrow a phrase from a book I’m reading at the moment, the last line is the most important -

With the greatest leader above them,

people barely know one exists.

Next comes one whom they love and praise.

Next comes one whom they fear.

Next comes one whom they despise and defy.

When a leader trusts no-one,

no-one trusts him.

The great leader speaks little.

He never speaks carelessly.

He works without self-interest

and leaves no trace.

When all is finished, the people say,

“We did it ourselves.”


Cheerio, And to my recent clients send offs  - thanks for all the free breakfasts!


P.S. THE TURKEY RUN 2019 will still be going ahead. So see you all up on the Rec for another Xmas Eve Obstacle Course calorie burner. All in aid of The Lily Foundation.

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