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What can I expect as a Personal Training Client?

First and foremost you should find my enthusiasm for training rubs off on you! After your fitness assessment as detailed on the Personal Training page, I'll go away and write up a tailored fitness plan specific to your requirements. Your plan is unique to you and with a bit of dedication, will get you in the shape you desire. You'll come away from each session revitalised in both body and mind, outdoor training is unlike anything you've tried before. To get the maximum outdoor training effect I do recommend a minimum of 2 sessions a week.

Why do you do outdoor training rather than the Gym?

I've been at my fittest when i've left the gyms treadmills and trained outdoors. It forces you into a situation where you have to work harder, for longer. The evidence for outdoor trainings health benefits is massive. Its not only good for the body, but fresh air, the colour green, and the peace it brings does wonders for your mental health too. Clients constantly report back to me that their days are now far more serene as a result. Or you can pay £30 to £40 for a monthly gym membership, do the same thing every week in a distracting environment on your own or end up not going at all. 

What happens in bad weather?

I have been an outdoor PT for years now, and I can confirm that the British weather is pretty changeable! But I've also seen it is rarely bad enough to cancel sessions, most of the time the rain is drizzly so I say...."light rain we get out and train”. The best investment you can make as a Personal Training client is a lightweight waterproof jacket. But if the weather is bad I make the decision to cancel training so there’s no pressure on you. As a client you’ll be sent specific home workouts to do so I’ll expect you to get that done at home instead. 

I have health problems, will Outdoor Personal Training be too hard for me?

Where your fitness is concerned, health problems aren't a problem. You'll let me know all your issues at the assessment and I'll design a plan that'll be safe and effective for you. I NEVER design my sessions to be too hard for ANYONE. From a complete beginner just starting out to a seasoned athlete looking for that extra edge, most people have their problems, I work a way around them.

What is Solo Home Training about?

Solo Home Training is for anyone who wants expert guidance to aid them with a home program. Your 10 week bespoke program will be carefully tailored to you specifically. No generic workout plans, no ‘one size fits all’ hashed through workouts. I’ll take my time to devise you a program that will be as close to having me train for for real as possible. For more info go to the Solo Home Training Page.

How do I sign up?

For Personal Training simply go to the contact page and fill in the form. I'll reply with all the details. 

For Online Training follow the sign up page.

How do I pay?

Payment for Personal Training is made via bank transfer once you've decided to become a client after the assessment and anytime before your first session. Solo Home Training payment is done via Paypal.

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