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Fitness Influencers Over 40

Fitness Influencers Over 40

I often get asked by my clients who the biggest fitness influencers over 40 are. So here is a list of Instagram fitness influencers over 40 that you should check out!

ATHLEAN-X Fitness Influencer Over 40


ATHLEAN-X is the go to fitness influencer over 40 for exercise demonstrations and fitness advice for anyone over 40.



Bobby Maximus Fitness Influencer Over 40

Bobby Maximus

With nearly 75k followers on Instagram, Bobby Maximus is a fitness influencer over 40, an ex-policeman who has also taken part in UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).



Lasse L. Matberg Fitness Influencer Over 40

Lasse L. Matberg

If you're looking for a fitness influencer over 40 who has some great looking photos of what he gets up to in real life, then Lasse L. Matberg is your man!



Markus Filly Fitness Influencer Over 40

Markus Filly

Markus Filly is a CrossFit Games athlete and fitness influencer over 40 whose social media features lots of fitness demonstrations and advice.



Paul Revelia Fitness Influencer Over 40

Paul Revelia

With over 250k followers on Instagram, Paul Revelia is a fitness influencer over 40 who shares plenty of informative demonstrations and advice.



Funk Roberts Fitness Influencer Over 40

Funk Roberts

I like Funk Roberts as he's a fitness influencer over 40 who shares real life pics and is hugely relatable for anyone over 40 looking to get fit.



The Fit Father Project Fitness Influencer Over 40

The Fit Father Project

Relatable and over 40 focused workouts, The Fit Father Project is a great fitness influencer over 40 account to follow for busy men over 40.



Mark One Fitness Influencer Over 40

Mark One Fitness

You didn't think I'd write a list of the top fitness influencers over 40 without including myself, did you? My page, real life pics, pics of clients and demonstrations. Not as glitzy as the bigger fitness influcencers above, but I like to think it's more relatable because of that.



I always remind my clients that although it's great to have examples of fitness influencers over 40 to aspire to and be inspired by, your personal fitness goals need to be acheiveable, sustainable and personalised to you.

If you want to work with one of the best fitness influencers over 40 - in my humble opinion! - then get in touch.

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