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The best online personal training packages are ones where 1-2-1 video call workouts are included. Many personal trainers only offer written programs for their clients. Look for trainers who go that extra mile and offer full video call workouts as part of their packages.

One of my clients trains with me by video call three times a week as they want that accountability. At the end of the day, it's the clients choice. They may be happy to train on their own and have 1 supplementary video call workout a week or want more accountability with 2 or 3 video call workouts with me a week.

Are online personal training packages an effective way to train?

Online personal training is a very effective way to train as It’s extremely easy to follow, there are no distractions or wasted training sessions that you sometimes get with face-to-face training.

If you’re an experienced trainer with proven results clients get that peace of mind knowing that if they get that video call every week and stick to their plan they get results, simple!

What's included in an online personal training package?

I offer bespoke 4- or 8-week packages that can be arranged when clients get in touch that have anything from 1 to 3 video call workouts a week as part of a full training plan with dietary advice should they need it.

Unlimited support to keep them on track is part of the service.

How much do online personal training packages cost?

4-week prices with 1 video call workout a week start from £140 and 8-week prices start from £200.

If you want further information on how one of Mark's online personal training packages can help you, get in touch with him on the Contact Us page or email [email protected].

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