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Over 40 Home Workout Plan

Over 40 Home Workout Plan

A great over 40 home workout plan to reboot your fitness if you're over 40!

If you want to simply start getting into shape and you’ve hit 40 or you're over 40, you're going to want to burn fat and improve your strength. As we age it gets harder to stay trim as our metabolism begins to slow. Improving your general fitness and strength will help your metabolism be more efficient, and help stave away those aches and pains that come with age.

Daily life takes its toll on your body, so I’m guessing you want to get a quality home workout in minimum time? All you need for this quick 7 minute over 40 home workout plan is a clear space, also make sure you drink water throughout. Get the exercises done in one go without any rests, you’ll start and finish with a jog on the spot...

  • 2 minutes - Jog on the spot, try to increase the pace as you go
  • 30 seconds - Jumping jacks, jump into a star shape then jump your feet back together 
  • 1 minute - Squats, keep your weight down your heels 
  • 30 seconds - Calf raises, up and down on your toes whilst standing
  • 30 seconds - Hold press-up position, on your knees, simply go into a press-up position and hold it
  • 30 seconds - Knee tucks, stay in the press-up position on your toes, bring each knee up to your tummy in turn 
  • 2 minutes - Jog on the spot, try to start with a fast pace and decrease intensity as you go

Over 40 Home Workout Plan Consistency & Intensity

The key with any home workout plan, whether you're over 40 or not, (if you want it to make a difference) is to be consistent and make it more intense as the weeks go by. It’s no good simply doing this 7 minute over 40 home workout plan once a week and thinking you’ll see any difference. You're going to need to make it part of a weekly plan, add more intense variations of the exercises as you become stronger, you can also add sets as the weeks go by. Add short rests in between sets so you recover and maximise the effectiveness of the workout.

When you’ve done 4 weeks of this over 40 home workout plan, assess the results you’ve experienced. It’s all about being consistent at the end of the day, get into the habit of training more often, also make the over 40 home workout plan more intense but in small realistic steps. Stick at it and before you know it, hard work will pay off!

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