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Virtual Coaching


So what is it?

Virtual Coaching is a FULL tailored fitness program. It focuses on performance gains using a combination of live video call workouts with Mark, an easy to follow solo plan, bonus workouts and constant support from Mark himself.


If your looking to simply be more toned and gain strength, have specific routines to help you get the best out of your chosen sport or just want general conditioning and the confidence it brings then this is the program for you. Choose from 4 OR 8 WEEKS of Virtual Coaching delivered by Mark which includes...


- An in depth video call fitness assessment. 

- A Video Call workout once a week with Mark. Or twice a week if you choose Intensive Virtual Coaching. 

- A tailored and easy to follow solo training plan.


- Access to the Members Area, a huge library of bonus workouts.


- Emailed handy tips and unlimited support.


- Marks brand new 'Food and Mind Plan’.

- 4 Weekly review.


A quick note from Mark on Virtual Coaching...


‘If you stick to the training I set you, and give it 110%, your going to be in the best shape of your life. I’ll set you a plan and give the best training and advice I can, but the hard work and total dedication has to come from you. Getting in great shape and sticking at it is a commitment you need to make to yourself. Enjoy your program and allow yourself to believe. Results happen in time, without pressure and being consistent with you plan. I never give a timescale to results, for some people who are more disciplined they come quicker, for others who maybe let things slide results happen more slowly!’


If you want further information on how one of Marks programs can help you, get in touch on the CONTACT US page. Or to start your fitness journey right now, go to the SIGN UP page.



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