Mark leading group fitness

My Message & Reviews

Strength and Conditioning aims?

“Amazing, fast results. I used to go to a gym pre-lockdown, 3 days a week, but during lockdown my wife bought on-line Personal Training Sessions for me. That brought me to Mark” J. Suzuki

I'll open your eyes to real, honest, training and be with you every step of the way.

“Mark pushes me to perform harder than I thought I ever could in our one to one sessions. He really encourages you and makes you want to do better” B. Young 

It will be as realistic and achievable.

“Can’t recommend this guy enough! It’s just a simple realistic plan, but you have to stick with it !! You won’t regret your decision to join Marks virtual coaching” A. Evis 

Have a performance goal? 

“Mark recently trained me for a 10km charity run. In my late forties, I hadn’t run or really exercised for many (many) years. I told Mark what I wanted to do and he got me there in a matter of weeks” S. Haskell


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